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I'd like to know more about spiritual director training. *
I'd like to know more about spiritual director training.

Spiritual Director Training

Philosophy & Goals
This program is based on the belief that every person is inherently spiritual and that each person is connected to themselves, others, the world and the universe.

Our goal is to help you explore your own spirituality and then decide if you want to help others explore their spiritual journey. 

This work is about telling your story and listening to others share their story.

Our program will train you to be able to listen to any person from any spiritual belief system.  Diversity plays a big part in our work. We see diversity as a gift and we want to honor the rich spiritual diversity in our world.

This program is designed to:

  • Help people explore their spiritual journey
  • Discern if they are called to spiritual director training
  • Pursue the calling

In the first year of training we learn to embrace our own spirituality through training exercises and experiences, reflection, lecture and creative expression. While the program is a two year commitment, we ask participants to recommit after the first year. We understand that circumstances change in our lives. This program can awaken clarity and insight that may indicate new directions undiscerned at the beginning of the course.

In the second year of training, we learn how to embrace the spirituality of others, bringing into being the possibilities of lives more fully lived. The training includes a supervised practicum year and continued training and experience in the art of listening, lectures, two retreats, and reflection.

Our work is centered on training in the art of listening so that the spirituality of each individual is embraced and brought more fully to life. Graduates from the program are capable of serving diverse religious, cultural, socio-economic, sexual and ethnic populations.

Lectures are facilitated by Peg Edera and James Galluzzo. Some of the topics covered include the following:

  • The Art of Listening
  • Discernment
  • Bearing Witness
  • Healing
  • Being Fully Human
  • Four Models of Spirituality
  • Diversity as Gift
  • Prophets and Mystics
  • Forgiveness

ONLINE Spiritual Direction Training

Spiritual Direction Training is offered online in a two-year program.  The requirements for completion include: 

1.  Fourteen (14) classes
2.  Befriend a Mystic and prepare a report
3.  Practicum:  meet with two people with whom do practice spiritual direction
4.  Meet with a supervisor during the practicum
5.  Read two books on spiritual direction
6.  Answer question(s) for each of the 14 classes.  A teacher will respond to you after you submit each one.  Completion of the questions and reflections may be done in one year or two years.
7.  Create and prepare a report of your core values (your "framework") as the final requirement.

Call or email for more information:
     Fr. Jim Galluzzo
     Phone:  503-241-1751

Supervision Training

Graduates of the Urban Spirituality Center's Spiritual Director training may be eligible to enroll in our program for achieving certification as a Supervisor of Spiritual Directors.


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