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Our Mission

The Urban Spirituality Center supports humankind’s unfolding recognition of unity by offering nourishing silence, loving community and awakening experiences, services, practices, retreats and classes.

Our Principles

  • Seeing people as fully human
  • Honoring spirituality as an inherent human quality
  • Helping people to be in charge of their lives
  • Serving as agents of the people
  • Providing confidentiality
  • Connecting to one's interdependency to each other and the world

Our Values

  • A place of silence, pregnant with spirit and soul
  • A place of silence and solitude that connects us to the spirit and soul
  • A place of presence that is accessible to all spiritual seekers
  • A place of safety for opening and sharing with self and others and exploring the expansiveness of spiritual potential
  • A place to connect with self, others, the world and whatever is transcendental in our lives, the totality of existence and one's center
  • A place to explore the meaning of life for one's life and of life
  • A sanctuary in times of personal and existential strife and crisis
  • An environment and community that supports an evolving sense of wholeness that includes spirit, soul, body and mind
  • An environment and community that is challenging, that holds out possibilities
  • An environment and community that demonstrates its teachings
  • An environment and community that calls people to a deep resonance with their spiritual and soulful essence
  • An environment and community that supports the development of an awakened expression of being fully human--human embodiment
  • An environment and community that fosters a growing awareness of people's connectivity to humankind and the global ecology with recognition of the responsibility for universal stewardship
  • A community accepting of their spiritual paths, and those of others, and nurturing spiritual development



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Photo: Pebbles under Water by Dianne Edleman.