James Galluzzo

James Galluzzo


James Galluzzo, Founder

James (Jim) Galluzzo is an artist, teacher, priest and spiritual director whose great passions in life include social justice work, ending oppression of any kind, authoring books on spirituality, and expressing his creativity through painting, glass fusing and candle making.

Jim founded Diversity as Gift, a non-profit 503c organization, in 1985 and is the chief administrator of its four programs: the Urban Spirituality Center, the Food Program, the Toiletry Drive, and the Gang Academy.

Under the auspices of the Urban Spirituality Center, Jim has trained and certified over 100 spiritual directors and supervisors as of 2013. In addition to this work, he conducts workshops throughout the country on conflict resolution, community building, diversity, gospel values, spirituality, and human liberation; conducts several spiritual retreats each year; and gives numerous presentations on spirituality.

Prior to founding Diversity as Gift, Jim founded Allies: People to People, an organization that teaches a way of living and thinking that honors human liberation based on gospel values and works to end oppression of any kind: e.g., sexism, racism, classism, adultism, or homophobia. He also founded the Tree of Learning High School, now called Thomas Edison High School, in Portland, Oregon.

Earlier in his career, Jim was principal at Holy Child Academy, Jesuit High School, St. Stephen, and Tree of Learning in Portland, Oregon. He also taught at these schools and at St. Ignatius and the Gang Academy in Portland.

Jim earned his B.A. at Gonzaga University; his MAT at Reed College; and his MA in Theology through Catholic University of America and Mt. Angel Seminary and his administration certification at Lewis and Clark College. Portland State University.

Jim is an avid author. His books include:

  • Jesus as Liberator and the Gospel Values
  • Stop Whining, Choose Life
  • The Spirituality of Mary Magdalene
  • Quotes
  • Reflections for Journaling your Spiritual Journey
  • Four Models of Spirituality and Spiritual Writing
  • Be the Author of Your Own Story: A Resource for Travelers and Guides on the Journey
  • Sacred Feminine
  • Sacred Masculine