I'd like to know more about a dream group. *
I'd like to know more about a dream group.

Dream Work

Dream Work with Kirsten Backstrom
Introduction to Dream Work and Spirituality

Our lives provide plenty of potential for spiritual practice: opportunities to make choices, connections, and openings, to learn, grow, and develop, to explore new territory, change harmful patterns, and know that we are part of something larger than ourselves. It makes sense to assume that this potential exists not only during our waking hours, but also during the third of our lives we spend in sleep. When we are dreaming, we have many of the same opportunities for exploration and development as in our waking lives, but the fluid, vivid, transpersonal and participatory nature of dreams can also offer more-including unique opportunities for transformative spiritual work.

Kirsten Backstrom is a spiritual director and certified dream work facilitator. She has a background in hospice work, elder care, and bereavement care, as a pastoral associate, spiritual counselor, chaplain, and volunteer. She is also the founder/director of Compass Dream work, an organization through which she offers programs on dreams and dreaming in various venues, as well as individual and group dream work and spiritual direction.
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Dream Wisdom Work with Gretchen Meyer

Why do I dream? Why do I have the same dream over and over? Why do I have scary dreams?

Everyone dreams, though not everyone remembers his or her dreams. Mental health professionals generally agree that dreaming is as necessary for your health as is sleep.  However, if we ignore dream content, we are missing an opportunity to know ourselves at a deeper level.  Exploring our dream life will take us below the surface of our personality to uncover our deeper concerns and challenges.  We can understand ourselves better and find guidance for your spiritual journey.

The language of dreams (metaphors, archetypes, images, puns, recurring themes, and humor) are doors to a deeper awareness of your true nature.  Even nightmares have a purpose and it isn’t to make your life miserable.  Using the projective dream work method in a group, we have the opportunity to learn from each other’s insights.  Ideas that someone has about the meaning of your dream are really just projections of what the dream would mean to them.  This may be useful to you as the dreamer or not.  As the dreamer, you are always the ultimate authority.Gretchen Meyer is a spiritual director, certified dream worker, a UU lay community minister, and a supervisor for spiritual directors.  Her experience and training also include the spirituality of the Enneagram, hospice care, grief work, adult faith development, and leadership in congregational systems.  As the founder and director of Listening To Soul, she works with individuals, couples, groups and offers workshops and retreats.

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