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Diversity as Gift

Diversity as Gift is a non-profit 503c organization based in Portland, Oregon. It was founded in 1985 by James Galluzzo and comprises four programs: the Urban Spirituality Center; the Food Program; the Toiletries Program; and the Gang Academy.

The Urban Spirituality Center, located in Portland's historic Pearl District, offers spiritual education, events, retreats and fellowship to individuals of all faiths. It also offers a two-year training and certification program for individuals seeking to become spiritual directors, and an additional program for graduates who wish to be certified as supervisors, as well.

The Food Program collects non-perishable foods and beverages from donors throughout the year and delivers them to several food banks and homeless shelters. If you own a retail food business and wish to contribute to the Food Program, please contact us by email or phone.

The Toiletries Program collects soaps, shampoos and other personal care items throughout the year and, in December, gift wraps and delivers them to (organization). If you travel frequently, save the complimentary hotel toiletries you don't use and donate them to use. Contact us by email or phone.

The Gang Academy helps young men and women get out of gangs by offering counseling, helping them finish high school and preparing them for college. We follow them through the first year of college and provide tutoring, personal counseling, academic advising and financial aide along the way.

The Children's Book Project provides books with a focus on diversity to low-income children.  We provide books with racial, cultural and physical diversity plus children's books for children with special needs, children from single parent homes and divorced homes or same sex parent homes.  For every book we give, someone has offered to match with two more books so every child will get at least three books.  Make a donation of a book or make a cash donation and we will purchase a book in your name.  We accept new books or used books in good condition.  Bring books to the Urban Spirituality Center or make payments to Diversity as Gift at 1314 NW Irving, #512, Portland, OR97209. 


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